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We offer our customers a choice of a HAND WASH, the exterior is completely Hand Washed with soft pads and fabrics,  Interior Carpet Vacuum, Window Cleaning and Tire Dressing; or a DETAILED WASH that includes a Hand Wash, Application of Spray Wax Enhancer, Clean Door Jambs, Interior Carpet Vacuum, Mats Cleaned, Window Cleaning Wipe Seat and Door Panels as well as Clean and Dress Tires and Rims.


customer can choose 1 of 3, EXPRESS, POLISH, or PLATINUM.  Our Express service is a Hand Wash and Hand Wax job; our Polish Service is a Hand wash, Cleaner Glaze with a High Gloss polish. Our Platinum Wax service is designed for total customer care, Our White Glove treatment.  A Platinum Wax consist of a Hand Wash; Clay Barred to remove tar, grease, bird stains and other markings; Fine Cut Cleaner, High Gloss Polish and Wax Seal to assure a complete glossy finish.

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